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As a biking enthusiast, we appreciate the fun and exhilaration that biking in New York City brings to you. Many operators of vehicles fail to appreciate the term "share the road." In fact, many cars, taxis, Uber drivers, truckers, and even buses, ignore the fact that bicyclists are entitled to the same privileges and benefits of the road. Its no wonder that so many law binding bicyclists are violently struck by vehicles and suffer needless serious and permanent injuries. We understand the biking laws in New York, and have represented many injured bicyclists in court. As New York City Bicycle Accident Attorneys, we encourage you to take advantage of our 30 years of experience handling biking accident cases.

Our Bicycle legal team at Michael Gunzburg, P.C., has handled all types of cases involving bicycle accidents. These include bicyclists struck by taxis, struck by trucks, run over by New York City Transit Buses, had passenger doors swung into their lane of moving traffic, bicyclists forced into street holes, and even bicyclists struck by drunk drivers.

Has someone you know suffered from a bicycling accident? Are you an injured biker? If so, contact us, an experienced New York City Bicycle Accident Attorney today.

As avid bicyclists, we look out to protect you and your case, handle your case in court and guide you and your case down the path of greatest success. We know what it takes to successfully prosecute your case in the courthouse, and we take the routes of least resistance, keep pace with your case throughout the court system, until we cross over the finish line together. We keep pedaling all the way until the end of your case. With 30 years of experience handling Bicycle Accident cases, we know what you need to succeed.

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The City of New York is continuously working to promote a safer biking environment by providing bicycle paths, striped lanes, installing bicycle parking racks, promoting bike routes in the City, and conducting safety and traffic programs for both children and adults. Sharing the road is vital to a bicyclist’s safety and survival, and that is why the law imposes a duty on motor vehicle drivers to exercise due care on our roadways. As avid bicyclists, we understand what it’s like to ride a bicycle on a New York City roadway. Let us represent you in Court and convey to the Court and the jury what its really like to ride on the road in New York City.

Our mission as New York City Bicycle Accident Attorneys is to give you the best personal service available, communicate with you regularly, and strive to get you the best possible outcome on your case. We are dedicated to providing our clients a wealth of bike accident information, including information on what to do after a bicycle accident and what to do if you are involved in a Citi Bike accident.

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