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We depend on the New York Police Department to protect our rights and uphold the law. Unfortunately, in some cases, law enforcement personnel fall short of these expectations. In cases involving any kind of brutality, battery, assault, excessive force, or a violation of your civil rights, it is imperative that you consult an experienced New York City Police Brutality Lawyer. We stand ready to help you with your claims, and represent you in Court.

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At Michael Gunzburg, P.C., we are dedicated to picking up all of the pieces that police officers have left behind, and ensuring that your Civil and Constitutional rights are fully protected. We have represented many people who have been brutalized or violated by law enforcement, including:

  • Police brutality : Verbal attacks, psychological intimidation or the intentional use of excessive — usually physical — force by a law enforcement official. We have successfully represented plenty of clients who have succumb to this unnecessary and inappropriate treatment.
  • False arrest: No matter how complex the situation, if you were arrested under false pretenses, you need experienced legal representation. We have also pursued these kind of matters.
  • Police assault: If a law enforcement official threatens to do or in fact causes bodily harm to you or a loved one, we will take your case and fight for you in Court.
  • Police battery: If a police officer negligently or intentionally touches you and caused serious injury, then we are here to fight for you in Court.
  • Police civil rights abuse : Law enforcement should be protecting your civil rights, not violating them.
  • Excessive force : There is an appropriate amount of force and there is an excessive amount. Police officers are trained to know the difference. We have successfully represented clients who have been on the short end of the stick or worse, seriously injured or even killed by inappropriate police action.

Unlike many law firms, we take a few select cases involving police and law enforcement brutality, and focus our efforts, time, and financial resources into securing you the most favorable outcome possible. As New York City Police Brutality Lawyers, we are familiar with the laws that govern appropriate police conduct. We also work to secure you the best possible outcome in your case.

Let our clients tell you how our attention to detail has helped them achieve favorable results.

At our New York City Police Brutality Law Firm, we tell our clients to spend their time recovering from their incident, while we spend our time prosecuting your case. Our mission is to put our best efforts, time, energy, and financial resources into securing you the best possible outcome.

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