Fordham Heights New York Auto Accident Attorney

A motor vehicle accident can happen to you unsuspectingly while driving on the road.

Our skilled team can assist and counsel you during this demanding moment. Consulting with a Gunzburg P.C. attorney as soon as possible following a collision will be wise for you and your possible claim.

Our team will review your unique case and establish what we can do for you. 

Car Crash Legal Reps In Fordham Heights

A car wreck can be stressful, but Gunzburg P.C. will work with you to keep the stress low. It may sound less complicated to settle, but that is usually not your best option.

While not obvious at first, there are several different circumstances following an accident that Gunzburg P.C. can help and advise you. As an example, Statutes of limitations can bar a claim if it is not filed within the requisite period. Call or email us at Gunzburg P.C. so that we can assess your case and file within the requisite time period. 

An auto accident claim will be made easier with our team at Gunzburg P.C. Insurance companies will look out for their companies’ best interests, but we will look out for your best interests.

Making decisions following a collision can be difficult, but we will make sure that you are well-informed before making any decisions. You will have several different options to make during this process, and we will look over them to counsel you on how you should proceed. 

Fordham Heights Vehicle Injury Lawyers

Despite paying for insurance, you may not be protected for everything that you have expected. Our team will fight for you to receive the amount that you need to be compensated for with your personal insurance company.

We will carefully analyze the facts surrounding your car accident and then determine what you should do to receive the full compensation that you deserve. 

Your best interests are our primary concern and priority. Our car accident attorneys pay attention to detail to make sure that you will receive the representation that you deserve. Whether by phone, email, or our website, our attorneys are ready to answer your questions. In addition to advising you, we will be there for you to communicate about your car crash and case when any questions or concerns arise. 

Car Accident Lawyers Near Me

Call our experienced team for a free consultation at (646) 569-9663 or ask us your questions on our website if you or a loved one is injured. We will review your unique case and determine what we can do so that you can decide how to proceed. Our initial consultation will always be free and risk-free.